Friday, December 13

A Commission

About two weeks back I was shutting shop for the night and decided to check mail and there was this mail from Madder Moon requesting the commission of a piece.
Jane had wanted to buy 'Life is too short..' which was on display at the group show Fibre to Fabric curated by Madder Moon in September but it had sold.
Overwhelmed and elated best describes my state at that point. A deadline loomed large and this was the first commission for my fibre art. It must be adrenaline that got me through the past couple of weeks. 
Buttonhole wheels, appliqued flowers,fabric weaving and running stitch. All the usual suspects which find a place in the pieces I create. 

The commissioned piece is on its way to Singapore and Jane should have it just in time for Christmas. I hope the recipient of this piece finds inspiration in the words of this quote.


jackie said...

It all sounds very exciting. Thanks for your comment and good wishes.

arty_ilma said...

Great work! Congrats!)

Caterina Giglio said...