Friday, October 18

Specialisation is for Insects

This quote ought to be everybody's mantra in life.
If only this quote could be used as a guide in one's approach to life instead of following what is prescribed  because of a person's gender, social status, age, religious belief etc.
The prescribed life is a sad one which perpetuates discrimination, stereotypes, corruption and a warped sense of entitlement all modeled on the caste system. The caste system has been abolished then why do we create a system for ourselves which hems us in. Avenues to explore new ideas and to grow and blossom in an area of ones choosing are shunned for those which are merely sources of money and possessions.    
Follow your heart, live a little people. Sigh! I feel privileged because I've done what I want to do by choice and lightning hasn't struck me down. One is told there are dire consequences if you don't toe the line served up with generous helpings of emotional blackmail.
 All bunkum. Do your thing follow your heart get involved with living life. You'll be a better person.
Cotton fabric dyed with coffee.This is the reverse of the embroidery. 
This is a work in progress.

Have  a good weekend.  


ArtPropelled said...

Well said! Love the embroidered quote on coffee dyed fabric.

Thread Born said...

Wonderful, Maya!