Sunday, October 27


At the Tilonia bazaar last week I bought this gorgeous applique bedspread.

Skillfully made by women artisans in the Barmer region of Rajasthan.The Algerian Eye stitch which looks like little stars are sprinkled all over the bedspread. Each bouquet of flowers with a zig zag border must have been made by different artisans because the density of the Algerian Eye Stitch varies from square to square.
Then I saw these cushion covers and I had to have them as well.
I picked a camel and a horse.There were elephants and peacocks but I couldn't find any as beautifully made as these two. Next time I'll go on the first day.   
Starting this week I'm going to be teaching Indian embroidery to an evening class and applique will be one of the topics dealt with so these cushion covers will come in  as handy examples. The bedspread will be too bulky to carry.

Have a good week.  


Thread Born said...

Gorgeous work! Just think of the hours! I've never heard of the Algerian Eye stitch. Is it just small straight stitches forming the star?-Julie

Maya Sara Matthew said...

many hours of work Julie. The Algerian Eye so the Stitch is a counted thread stitch like you've described it so these are a variation really.

Caterina Giglio said...

gorgeous colors and fabulous quote below!