Monday, May 20

Tea - A Fiber Book - page from Helen

 My fiber book in the 2013 fiber book page swap is based on the theme - Tea. I have a long association with tea. The first page I've received is from Helen in South Africa.
The page is made of tea bags stitched onto a shiny voile fabric and there are all manner of teapots inspired by flowers and vegetables attached to the teabags. Its a fantastic page which the photograph doesn't do justice to.  
Helen has sent me a tea bag of organic Rooibos tea to taste. I'll be saving the packet to make a page of different tea bag packets. 
A postcard of Table Mountain. Helen is lucky to get this fantastic view from certain rooms in her home.
Thank you Helen, its the beginning of a great book.


Thread Born said...

Hi Maya- Would you explain more about this book page swap? It sounds interesting.-Julie

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hi Julie, we are a group on Stitchin Fingers who are doing a fiber book page swap. There are 8 of us in our group and each of us has a theme, each month each one makes a page for another. So at the end of eight months each of us will receive eight pages based on our respective themes and interpreted in eight different ways. My theme is Tea.

Thread Born said...

Sounds like a great project, Maya. I love what you are doing with your pages.--Julie