Friday, March 1


 I'm introducing textile printing and resist dyeing techniques to a class of Fashion Design students this semester.
The students get to explore and create samples of stencil printing, block printing, screen and transfer printing. Its a happy mix of ancient techniques and modern ones. Stencil printing one of the simplest and earliest forms of printing gets an edge when the students get their stencils cut using a laser cutter or they try and combine block printing with heat transfer printing.

 For a generation who's understanding of printing until now was to give a print command once their documents and presentations were created with photoshop and power point, I hope I can get them to learn to recognise, appreciate and value fabrics which are hand block printed.

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Thread Born said...

Hi Maya-It's been a crazy week and I just haven't gotten the red challenge fabric out sorry. Your class sounds very interesting. I'm a big fan of those tjaps!--Julie

Maya Sara Matthew said...

No sweat Julie, it was a busy week for me too. Those blocks are beautiful, I like them too.