Thursday, March 28

Book Page Swap 2013

There's a group of us on Stitchin Fingers who are doing a book page swap this year. Each of us has chosen a theme and every month each participant creates a page for another participant on their chosen theme. At the end of the swap each of us will get to compile the pages into a fiber book. My theme is Tea.     
This page is for Shelly whose theme is Vintage Bird.  
Detail of the page which is 8" x 8" and has a pocket on the reverse.

I must draw your attention to a collaborative art project being curated and exhibited by Danish artist Hanne Bang. The art project is called In a War Someone has to Die. Read more about it here or on facebook
I have to go buy a couple of handkerchiefs and get people to do some Malayalam and Tamil translation for me.
Won't you join in and embroider a handkerchief?

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Charlton Stitcher said...

What a lovely idea - and the colours in your bird are beautiful