Monday, January 16

CQJP Block for January

I've finally got the basic crazy quilt block done, for the January page of the Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP).
I've used pieces of solid coloured tussar silk, the colours are those I associate with the five day trek up in the Himalayas. I'll be drawing on things I saw on the trek to embellish the block too.
The block is 6" x 6".
My CQ (Crazy Quilt) blocks are going to be the illustration in a manner of speaking for a fabric journal of things, places and events which I participate in or are of some significance to me during the coming year.
Now to begin embellishing the seams of the CQ block. Should be able to show you some progress in a couple of days. I've given it some thought and decided to combine TAST ( Take a Stitch Tuesday) in this fabric journal rather than creating a separate fabric sampler. Two stitches  Fly Stitch and Blanket Stitch for the first two weeks of January have been announced. Got quite a bit to catch up with.  
Hope your weekend was good. I cooked up a storm for our annual Pongal brunch which was so much fun. Our guest list is constrained to ten because of the size of the vessels I have but the guest list is threatening to grow which means I'll have to invest in larger vessels.
Hope your week is good, I'll be tackling watercolours later this week during the day and embellishing a certain CQ block and scarf during the evenings.


Marta Brysha said...

I'm always stunned by the beauty you produce with a limited and muted colour palette. I love the irregular shapes in the quilt block and that they are not pieced with obsessive accuracy. I think it makes the block look much more lively than if everything were "perfect". I also think this style of piecing is much closer to the old quilting tradition than much of the modern pieces done in colour coordinated commercial fabrics and an obsession with "accuracy" rather than creativity.

ArtPropelled said...

Your quilt block looks very striking in my sidebar today.

Yvette said...

hoi, like it a lot and must laugh because you combined cq with tast.
I combine Jude, India and tast but I think I'm going to make it a cq too....thanks