Wednesday, May 11

Off Commercial Street

Commercial Street in Bangalore is where one goes to shop for clothes, accessories and jewelery for the family and all the brands and labels are there. Its conventional retail at its best but for the real thing one must go off Commercial Street, into the little lanes and up narrow stairs.
Parked scooters and bikes become the display units for plush toys. don't miss the duckling hanging off the back of the bike. Everyday a different display and they get to set up shop where they like.
Colour coordinated styles for all age groups.
You're sure to find a tailor to rise to the challenge and sew and embroider the outfit which will make you the belle of the ball - ruffled,layered, underwired, tucked and pleated they've done it all.
Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise - you can find matching scarves and stoles, bangles and slippers in every hue and shade.
Little boys carrying colourful toys in baskets stroll up and down the street.
A little cheaper, most likely a rip off, won't last forever but its all the rage at the moment and you can't help be impulsive, you're expected to bargain. There's no better place than the little streets off Commercial Street to indulge in all you retail cravings when you're on a budget.


Gabriela said...

Oh...I wish I could go there!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was sitting here feeling so penniless and stuck. I just got a fun little tour of the streets of Commercial Street. That was great fun.