Wednesday, July 28

Leaves - June

This page created by Gayle arrived in the mail about ten days and has been waiting for me to get back from my wanderings.
Gayle has used Shibori techniques such as 'stitching and capping' and for the metallic gold thread a technique called 'tsujigahana'. The reverse of the page has has been dyed using the 'short pole technique'. In addition Gayle has been really resourceful in using Easter egg dyes for all her shibori explorations.
Thank you Gayle for sharing details of your life and the place you live in as well as the beautiful page for my book of leaves.

My wanderings continue all of August and I don't see an opportunity to post but I just might surprise you so do come back and visit. There will be a lot to show and tell at the end of August.
Take care and stay safe until we meet next.


CeLeStiAL PheNYx said...
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Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Talya. What can I say - you are the first Archangel I have as a follower, hope you find as much beauty in future visits.

ArtPropelled said...

Very soft and pretty. See you at the end of August.....
or sooner :-)