Saturday, July 31

Its raining Leaves

I'm posting sooner than I expected. Its because this page created by Ann in May and given up as lost has reached me after two months.
The story behind the three pages Ann has created for me needs to be related.
Ann had to create a page for me in March based on the theme - Leaves. Unbelievable but true the first page and then the second went missing and finally the third page reached me in July
Ann this page is beautiful. It depicts the four seasons.
Thank you for the little ivy leaf. I'm going to use it on the cover of my book of Leaves. Everybody will have thirteen pages in their book but I'll have fourteen and should that first page Ann created, arrive in the next two months then it will be fifteen. Expecting the unexpected is the attitude I'm going to adopt especially if its as pleasant as this.

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ArtPropelled said...

The saga of the missing leaves ..... so glad another has arrived. Holding thumbs for the third page!This one is rich and luxuriant.