Tuesday, May 11

Spoilt Silly

The postman came bearing a package from Poland yesterday as a result of participating in this swap..My swap partner Eliza made this gorgeous book for me.
Wrapped in a piece of wall paper tied with ribbon and a monogrammed tag was the little book - Women who Create. Let me walk you through this beautiful creation. ( click on pics to view enlarged)
Vermeer's - The Lace maker I got to view at the Louvre when I visited Paris, its a jewel of a painting and I'm so glad Eliza decided to include it in the book.
I love that little slide.
How did Eliza have the heart to cut up the little coaster I wonder? Fantastic use of images and other bits and pieces on all the pages, so beautifully balanced. Very thoughtful of you to include so many beautiful textile bits like the lace, crocheted coaster and the measuring tape.
Isn't that little gingham heart cute? Eliza took the trouble to go through my blog I see.
She sent me a piece of embroidered net which was used for her wedding dress. Its really delicate and pretty. Thank you, it must be imbued with so many happy memories.
Another Vermeer painting - A Lady Writing. The book lies on top of a traditional Polish scarf which I'm told is still fashionable. Waiting for cooler weather when I can wear it.
A set of twelve traditional Polish folk embroidery patterns. Beautifully compliments a page on embroidery in the little book.
The back of the book along with a postcard and a selection of papers.
Thank you Eliza for this beautiful book and the wonderful array of gifts from Poland.

P.S. Lawendula is organising one last swap before the summer - Paper Swap :Art Failures. Read more about it here.


Caterina Giglio said...

what a stunning book, wonderful sense of old and new mixed brilliantly together! you deserve to be spoiled!

ArtPropelled said...

This little book must have made your day. So much to see.... and ooh and aah over.

pRiyA said...

OH MY GAWD WOMAN! NOw I just have to see this in real.

Christine said...

What a spectacular gift! Eliza hits the mark on every page. What are those circular shapes inbetween the pages (center top of each page) and tied with bits of ribbon and ric-rac? Do they pull out?
Love this book!

JennaLouiseCreates said...

What a beautiful book:) Thank you for sharing! Jenna Louise

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Caterina, glad you think I deserve the spoiling.

It's certainly made my day Robyn.

Christine thanks for asking about the circular bits visible with bits of ribbon and lace, I should have mentioned it on my post - yes you can pull them out and Eliza has left them blank so I can write or stick things on them. Great idea wouldn't you say.

Jenna Louise do check out Eliza's blog to see more of her wonderful work.

Priya how does Thursday sound to meet and eat and catch up on the mundane /exciting happenings in our lives?I'll bring along Women who Create for you to examine and drool over.

druga szesnascie said...

thank you so much for putting up such a lovely post about my book.
I'm beyond thrilled that you like it.
I didn't know you like Vermeer's Lace Maker. it is one of my favourite paintings. it's so small in reality, isn't it?
sending you hugs across the world :)

Lawendula said...

It's always such a pleasure to see what paper swap does for everybody.
Eliza is my dearest friend in blogland and she is such a talent! As one can easily see here. Thanks for sharing! Namaste.

Michelle said...

What a great swap effects! I love Eliza's projects too!