Thursday, May 13

Art Nouveau in April

For The Story of the Traveling Pages in April I created a page for Cobi whose fibre book is Art Nouveau themed. So here's the page.
Art Nouveau meets Indian bling. Couldn't resist the sequins.
The reverse of the page. Tussar silk with sequined swirls and a cotton label embroidered with details.
Blanket stitch secures the plastic foil and silk to the base fabric. Texture created with running stitch done at random vertically and horizontally with blue metallic thread.
The flower and butterfly are made with shiny plastic foil, which is part of the packaging for the muesli I buy and pieces of silk.Reverse applique is the technique I've used.
To see more of the pages being created for this fantastic year long collaborative fibre art project, click here.


Trillian As said...

What a wonderful page!

Caterina Giglio said...

you did a brilliant job of transforming a page into art nouveau, the flower and leaves really nailed the style! beautiful!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the details! I always like to learn about other's techniques.

ArtPropelled said...

My new favourite! Gorgeous colours.

Michelle said...

Oh, it's so lovely!