Tuesday, March 23

Popping in to say Hello

It's said that if you are travelling on the first of January you'll be on the road for the rest of the year.The travel bug has kicked in I think because I got home from God's own country on Sunday and I'm off again this Sunday for fifteen days to another part of God's own country.
The heat must have fried my brain because I didn't take a single picture and my camera was with me at all times. I think ten days has got me acclimatised so this trip should find me trigger happy and functioning normally.
One thing I did do was add to my collection of cast iron cooking vessels - yes I'm particularly partial to cast iron like some people are about designer handbags. I got myself an appachatti bought at a hardware store by the way.

I've seasoned the appachatti and had plans of making lace appam and chicken stew typical Easter Sunday fare in Syrian Christian homes but I'll be on the road and my appam making skills
will have to be put to the test at a later date.
Another one of my finds in the hardware shop. This one makes all manner of savouries which are either fried or steamed.
I hope I can squeeze in a post before Sunday or else I'll see you in April with a post high in fibre.


Nima said...

oh...this reminds me my amma's kitchen ...the appachati and the idiyappam squeezer...
i'm comfortable with the nonstick one...so nice to see this traditional stuff.

Poorvi said...

Hi Embellisher!

It's so nice to travel, especially to God's Own Country. Kerala remains on my 'to go to' list. Someday..
I love your stitch books. Totally shows that you enjoy it thoroughly!
Have fun and looking forward to more stories when you return.

Priya Sebastian said...

Babe, after your return, I will be taking you to market with me. To look for some cast iron pots for my kitchen.

Don't forget to take pics of the multi colored houses in Kerala. Will give me something new to aspire to.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Nima I was a non-stick person myself but I'm a 5 year or more cast iron convert.I'd love to go to South Africa and get a Poike Pot.

Hello Poorvi, I hope you get to visit Kerala in the near future. Thank you for all the appreciation for my fibre books.

Anything in particular you'd like from the cast iron world my dear? let me know priya. The colourful houses I shall photograph this time I promise.

druga szesnascie said...

hi, Maya. greetings from Poland. :)
just wanted to check whether you got my e-mail about April Paper Swap.