Saturday, July 4


3,000 km road trip
Getting up early gives me time to sip a hot cup of chai and indulge in some reflection.I've had a couple of such mornings this week and its all no doubt been prompted by The Great Driving Challenge.(TGDC)

The 3000 km road trip of a lifetime in quest of biryani got me thinking about all the other little journeys I'm making at this point.

Let's start with the Great Driving Challenge itself. Its interesting to see that the learning and experience gained from blogging over a year and a half is now connecting in a very significant manner with TGDC. Its also got me signed onto Facebook and Twitter. That's two different journeys there of reconnecting with people and discovering the journeys their lives are on.

Stitch Journeys
There are a couple of stitch journeys too.
Take a Stitch Tuesday on Stitchinfingers is starting up again after a couple of months of R&R which was also meant to be a time for tardy ones like me to catch-up and I'm happy to report I have. So TAST is a journey of creative exploration of embroidery stitches that's starting up again where it left off.If you are interested in joining in, read more about it here.

I have to complete the page for December for The Take It Further Challenge fibre book. Must complete that journey in the next two weeks.

Literary journey
I've been on a "high fibre" literary journey ever since R got back from the States with a little stack of books I had requested him to buy.I've read Knit Lit(too) and have begun on Knit Lit the Third.
My literary journey is taking a new turn with a book club that I'm trying to kick start with Priya's help.For women who are comfortable in their skin,aren't obsessive about counting calories and love the journey a good book provides. We're starting with Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert. Have you taken the Eat, Pray, Love trip? Would love to know what you have to say about it.

MiSh maSh

My journey with collages and cellphone images has been a sort of on and off thing but I've given them a more formal platform by creating Mish maSh and taking one of Shelley Klammer's online workshop's on Deepening Creativity. Thank-you Robyn.

The interlacements of the stitch journeys with blogging or Mish mash with The Great Driving Challenge or the interactions with friends and followers on Flickr, Twitter and Facebook are creating an interesting fabric of experiences and I'm loving every moment of it.You can follow me on Twitter, check it on my sidebar.
If you've read thus far you'll know that armchair travel is something I do plenty of but I am going to be taking a little trip to be with family. I'm not certain how much blogging I'll do but I'll be back in about two weeks with plenty to show and tell. Stay safe and happy journeys to you.

Take a little journey of three clicks of the mouse and vote for us on The Great Driving Challenge.Appreciate it, thanks.


Malissa said...

Love the spiral chavrons. Enjoy your trip and the break!

ArtPropelled said...

Glad you're doing the Shelley Klammer collage course, Maya. I'm sure you will love it.

I read Eat Pray Love several months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found Elizabeth Gilbert's spititual journey very interesting, especially the silent retreats in India. All in all I enjoyed her sense of humour and reading about her struggles and how she worked through them.

Crayons said...

Wow, the last time I visited, there was a vote on something related to the driving challenge. The system kicked me out, so I got mad and went elsewhere.

The book group sounds just like what I need. I think I fit the description of the woman who might belong.

I'm glad you are still embellishing.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks Mal.This time with family is very special.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Robyn - I'm still in Italy with Eat, Pray, Love but I too like Elizabeth Gilbert's sense of humour and her style of writing.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Caroline I'm glad you came back to visit even after being thrown out by the system ( I wonder if you were trying to vote??? and you got kicked out? What a pity! we can do with all the votes we can possibly get.)
Will have stich samples to show after the break.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a book club! great going!ca one join your book club?