Tuesday, July 21

Family Time

Just back after two weeks of family time. It was a time for re-discovering a number of things through the eyes of an eleven year old and a seven year old.

Enormous granite boulders on the way to Chennai. Snapped this with my cellphone.

This alfresco lunch will be remembered for the charming setting ,the vanilla milkshake and the quirky plumbing in the restroom. We sat under a big old mango tree in the courtyard of a house which has been converted into a hotel in Pondicherry.
Late evening swim before dinner.Paintball which left a painful mark on one, Lemon grass, Forget-me-not and a camera shy chameleon.

Shell decor for the entryway of a crab's home. Yoga on the beach and cavorting in the surf.Salt pans, the crocodile farm, and drinking tender coconut water on the ECR (East coast road).

There was a birthday in the family and celebrations for the landmark year included a catamaran ride into the sea, beach cricket and dinner with friends and family. Jalapeno the pet dog got its first taste of chocolate cake which there was plenty of and the phone wouldn't stop ringing.

The Great Driving Challenge took up a fair portion of my time like it did R's. It seems to have paid off because we made it to the first shortlist of 100 couples. Thank-you everyone who took the time to vote for us, write testimonials and got your friends and family to vote. R & I are truly grateful. Waiting for the next phase to unfold.


Karen said...

sounds like the perfect break!

Raaga said...

Sounds wonderful.

Landed here from Priya's blog. The title of this blog invited me.

I just resumed my needlework last weekend :-) after almost a year :)

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Welcome Raaga, hope the contents of this blog are tempting enough to bring you back from time to time.One of the good things about needlework is that you can pick up where you left off even if its after a year. Thanks for the comment I'll be visiting your blog.

Timaree said...

I'm sorry I was away so long. I missed being able to vote for you. What a trip you are taking!

Those boulders look like where I live except where Ilive the green would be just a touch amongst yellowish brown (desert).

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Hope you enjoy all your biryani.

Timaree said...

Thanks to your sidebar blog list I went to see a couple more blogs I love but haven't visited in a while.

Unknown said...

Your cellphone has a excellent in-built camera and your post processing skills are cool.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank-you Freebird. My husband R is the biryani connoisseur and I certainly enjoy a good biryani.
I'm glad the blogs in my sidebar got you to re-discover some old favourites.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Ah Thomas, thank-you. I certainly love the phone camera. I find it so handy and the results are pretty impressive.