Wednesday, July 23


We didn't spot a tiger but we did see this splendid herd of seventeen elephants. Can you spot the teeny tiny calf in the photographs? My little point and shoot could not do justice to the magnificence of these grand beasts but we've been promised pictures from the lot which Thomas and Shilpi shot.
It was a wonderful change. We stayed at the Jungle Lodges & Resorts property in Bandipur.
The safaris into the jungle twice a day in open jeeps were great lessons in observation and the amazement at how well camouflaged the animals are in the jungle.
Bomma our driver and spotter did a great job and we got to see Wild Dog or Dhole, Gaur, a couple of Mongoose on two occasions who put on a great show for us rooting around the ground for food,Sambhar and huge herds of Spotted Deer. Thomas and Shilpi are keen bird watchers and photographers so we got a couple of lessons in ornithology as well when we spotted the Serpent Eagle, Changing Hawk Eagle, Green Bee Eater and a wild fig tree full of Copper Heads feasting on the ripe fruit.
Back and firmly ensconced in the urban jungle I have urban jungle matters to deal with.More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! What an incredible experience.

Anonymous said...

what great photos - i love seeing your adventures.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Yes,it was a great getting back to nature. One needs a break like this, to view life from a different perspective.

Sarah E. said...

These are fabulous photos, and that baby is SO adorable!