Friday, June 6

Mango Lassi

It's mango season and what's better than a nice tall glass of chilled Mango Lassi.
The recipe is from the blog One Hot Stove by Nupur who Zlamushka over at Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen. has chosen as the featured blog for the Tried and Tasted event this month.

Nupur's recipe asks for mango puree which I substituted with fresh fruit. That was the only change I made to her recipe.
Half cup mango, half cup yogurt, half cup milk, half cup water. Combine in a blender and voila you have Mango lassi, pour into glasses, chill and serve. It's yum.
Cheers!!!! Nupur's Gajar halwa is another recipe I'd like to try. Thanks Zlamushka for hosting this event and directing us to some wonderful world cuisine.

Zlamushka does a round up of all the recipes people have tried and tasted during the month, you can check out what was cooked up last month at Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen


pRiyA said...

Ah hah! A recipe! yup tried and tasted this already. great stuff. sometimes i add a tbsp of quick oats or a squeeze of lime to the shake for depth.
actually, let me go make some now.

pRiyA said...

One hot stove seems a wonderful site. very similar in spirit to yours. thanks for the link.
i gotta try that potato cake thing with my aloo mash.
btw, what happened to the pickled chillies from zamlushka that you featured some time ago? where they good?


Annica said...

This sounds delicious! Have to try it!
Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'd love to swap an ATC with you. I have a pic on Flickr
of available ATCs or maybe you would prefer a surprise?
Have a nice weekend!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Cheers Priya, I'm sure the mango lassi you whipped up was yum.I like Nupur's blog because most of her recipes are simple and straightforward. the raisin stuffed chili peppers are scrumptous , shall bring some for you the next time we meet - which is next week.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hello Annica,Thanks for visiting. I'll check out your Flickr page and take a look at the ATC's on offer for a swap but i think the surprise is what I'll opt for.

Crayons said...

Hi Embellisher,
My mouth is watering. I love lassis. My regret is that the mangoes that we buy here in the northern USA are from Mexico. There are almost no laws against pesticides there. I will try this recipe TONIGHT.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hello Caroline,
Pesticides are a huge problem.I hope more farmers go back to growing things organically.
Hope the lassi was yum, like priya suggested maybe a few drops of lime will perk up the taste.

kate smudges said...

This sounds delicious - and easy to make. I love mangoes... they are a rare treat here.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Everybody looks forward to the mango season here in India and there's so much pickling and preserving done with mango to try and make the goodness last through the year.Hope you loved the mango lassi Kate

zlamushka said...

Hi, I didnt know you made my raisin stuffed chilies :-) Oh, I am so touched, wish you would let me know. I am so glad to hear you liked them :-)
Maya, thank you for participating, Iam glad to have discovered your lovely blog. Mango Lassi is a classic. A classic that everyone cannot resist :-) It s like an apple pie.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hi Zlamushka,
Thanks for having an event like Tried and Tasted.Glad you found my blog via the Tried and Tasted event , thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.