Wednesday, October 21

Blooming in my Garden - a quilt

I'm making my first quilt, hoping to have it done by December to enter The Indian Quilt Festival 2021.
Very ambitious some might say but I'm taking a swing at this challenge.
Quilt purists will in all probability shudder at my plan but I'm approaching it as a fun learning experience.

There's appliqué and embroidery. Techniques I gravitate to when I want to express myself.
My garden with all the shapes and colours in it are the inspiration for my rather fanciful flowers which I'm drawing.
There will be these appliqué and embroidered blocks, hand pieced patchwork and I intend to join the patchwork and appliqued blocks with faggoting. Not exactly a technique used in making a quilt top but I don't have a sewing machine and hand sewing is what I know to do.
I will enter the finished quilt under the Floral Raphsody category.
These four floral blocks will be in the four corners of the quilt. The finished quilt will measure 48" × 36" or 3' × 4'
I'm going to start working on the hand pieced patchwork sections.

How are you doing? Keeping well and safe I hope.
What creative project are you involved with?Have a good week.


Margaret said...

Good for you! Living where you do, will you use batting or thin flannel -- or nothing at all -- between the front and backing? Will you quilt it by hand -- block-by-block as you go and join with sashing (matching or contrasting with the white background) or all in one piece? I ask these questions because I've been quilting for over 20 years and they will be things you've no doubt discovered you have to consider. (I live in Canada so my quilting decisions will likely be different from yours, but there are decisions to be made nonetheless!)

I wish you every success. Quilters are a friendly and helpful bunch, so don't hesitate to track us down and ask questions. Many blessings!

Charlton Stitcher said...

Good luck to you Maya. The colours and the stylised flowers are lovely. I look forward to seeing how it develops ... and rules are made to be broken!

Charlene O'Rourke said...

I've been quilting since the early 80s, when the art quilt movement got underway. A lot of the techniques I use are frowned on by the quilt police. Ignore them. Bring to quilting your extensive needle experience and these wonderful designs. We in the quilting world will all be the richer for your contribution to the art form.

MY MUSINGS said...

Those are beautiful!!! I hope you win a Ribbon!!! Can't wait to see it done~

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you for your comments.
@ Margaret - I didn't know a quilt could have just two layers - the back and front. In any case the competition requires three layers.It's difficult to come by polyester batting so I'm thinking of using a layer of fabric or a thin fleece blanket if I can find one.
yes, I have so many decisions to make. I intend to join the various parts of the top of the quilt with faggoting, the quilting will be done by hand, I was thinking possibly like kantha. I'll have to get help from a tailor for the binding.

@ Charlene - Thank you for the encouragement and for telling me to go for it. I'll be delighted if my work will contribute to the world of quilting.

@My Musings - thank you for your good wishes.

@Charlton Stitcher - Thank you for your good wishes and the encouragement.