Saturday, November 23

A Second Panel for #25millionstitches

Here's the second panel I've completed for the #25 million stitches public engagement art installation.
Unlike the first panel I just began stitching. There was no concept. It just evolved one line of embroidery after another. 
Safari, the cat at my mum's place was witness to the creation of this panel, so it seemed only right to have him in most of the photographs.
I find the back pretty interesting. 
25 Million Stitches has a brand new website Learn more about the project and you might consider creating a panel. I've got my mum interested and she has started work on a panel.
Have a great weekend.


kathyinozarks said...


jenclair said...

Beautiful! The borders are marvelous!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Kathy and Jen. I did enjoy creating this panel.