Wednesday, September 6

Project 105

During one of my blog hops I came across Project 105.  
I forget the actual route of my blog hop but the discovery of P.M. Neist and Project 105  was well worth the meander.
P.M. Neist says of the project 'Art is meant to connect us to each other. It is a privilege and honor to share my art.'
Giveaway #10 - The Seer's Dog.
The Seer's Dog reminded me of my own pet, Blackie and I requested P. M. Neist to consider me for this particular piece of art. She was generous enough to send it half way across the world to Coonoor.
I particularly like the way embroidery is incorporated into the original artwork.
The illustration of Gus came carefully sandwiched between sheets of paper and cardboard and wrapped in a map with a card and a handmade gift tag. Absolutely delightful, did you know I'm partial to maps P. M. Neist?
Thank you for your generosity. It's wonderful to have met you. I'll be framing your illustration and placing it where all those who visit our home will get a chance to admire it.


jenclair said...

Thanks for sharing the information of Project 105. I enjoyed visiting P.M. Neist's blog. How wonderful that you were a recipient of this lovely piece of art!

Gumbo Lily said...

The art is wonderful. What a gift of love.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

@jenclair - you're welcome. I'm so glad I could share P. M. Neist's work.
Yes, I am thrilled to be one of the recepient'sof her unique work.
@gumbo lily - it sure is a work of love. Thank you for visiting.

MY MUSINGS said...

Just love your blog!

D. said...

So glad to see the stamps arrived! Sounds like you are making great progress. Looking forward to seeing more.

Elle said...

If there are any current US stamps you want, please let me know and I'll be happy to send them to you.