Sunday, January 8

1 Year of Stitches

The first post this year and I'm excited about participating in the challenge - 1 Year of  Stitches.
In one line the challenge is about filling a 12" hoop with embroidery, a stitch, a line or a motif everyday.
 1st January. I started off with a red bullion stitch rose.
2nd January. Decided to add a ring of french knots and bullion stitches around the rose.
I don't use a hoop for my embroidery so I decided to mark a circle 12"in diameter. I'll be filling this space with embroidery.
 3rd January. Chain stitch around the circumference of the 12" circle.
4th January. I plan to fill the circle with flowers and insects and try my hand at Brazilian embroidery and some Stumpwork so that the forms stand out in relief.   
5th January. I'm just adding elements as I go along. I have no plan.
 6th January.
 7th January. First flower is done.
8th January. We had a lot of dragon flies in October here in Welaro so I decided to embroider a Blackwork dragonfly.
That's one week's worth of embroidery and I'm quite pleased with the way it's progressing.
How has the first week of January been for you? 


Stasi said...

Very cool idea--will be following your progress.

Sue McQ said...

Maya...your stitches are beautiful! Having no plan is a GOOD plan. My stitches are very very basic. Must update my progress on my blog.

Vicky aka Stichr said...

I caught on to the year long embroidery, not long after I started my Daily Patch. I will stick with my dull patches, but sure do enjoy the daily dose of colorful stitching. All the different directions people are taking are interesting to see develop also.

Anonymous said...

What is your fabric and how fine is it?

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you ladies - Stasi, Susan and Vicky.
@ Vicky - what is the daily Patch about. Shall check it out.

@anonymous - I use an unbleached cotton fabric. It's called 'gada' in India and dress makers use it to make toiles. I hope this helps.

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Gumbo Lily said...

I like the freestyle you are doing -- with no plan. Do you draw anything out as you go?