Monday, April 27


In September 2014 India Flint formulated the Solace project and invited people to make contributions of natural fiber pennants with stitched words of peace or a line, sonnet or word which evokes a sense of solace. 
This is my contribution. I've since attached ties to the top of the pennant like India requested and the little flag is ready to mail to The Observatory, Andamooka, Southern Australia.
The pennant is made from a piece of cutting waste, it's a slubby cotton.
I was looking for a quote for peace and this one resonated with me.
I believe there's time for you to get involved  should you want to make a contribution.Read about an update here.
Click here to be inspired and to see the contributions some others have created.

Here is what India plans to do:
During June next year I will be in residence at The Observatory. 
I shall spend time connecting each of the flags in the sequence of their arrival, recording the words on them as one complete circular poem.
Following this I shall prepare an organic indigo vat and on the day of the southern midwinter solstice in 2015 will overdye the flags in the blue of the heavens before installing them as a circle. if there are hundreds, then a series of concentric circles :-))
The flags will be documented photographically over time and the images and text will be available online as well as in a limited edition book. It may even be possible to make a short film. While I do not have the financial resources to distribute free books to participants, each person who makes and sends a flag will receive a limited edition postcard image of the installation, personally addressed to them and posted from the Andamooka post office. ' 

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Sweetpea said...

Lovely to see your flag, Maya. Would it be alright with you if I added your name/link over on my blog under the 'Solace Project'? Such wonderful inspiration to others ... thank you.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Absolutely. I would be delighted to have my name and blog link added to the 'Solace project' on your blog. Thank you so much and so glad you found out about my participation.

Amy F said...

That is very cool!