Saturday, March 21


Change is constant.  
At times imperceptible at other times dramatic. I've made a concious effort to observe change in the past few weeks. The most dramatic change has been my mother's eye sight. An operation has done away with glasses and transformed the quality of her life. We are all so grateful for the advances in medical science and a competent doctor who could bring about this positive change.
While in post operative care my mum and I decided to explore the art form of folded book sculptures and transformed a couple of old Reader's Digest magazines.    
We need to welcome change and look for the positives it brings with it. Not always possible I know.
I've made a list of changes around me.
We changed the flooring in two rooms of our apartment
I've enjoyed the changing seasons with the beautiful display of flowering trees, trees like the peepal have shed all their leaves and the tender pale green leaves will make an appearance soon.
Mum's eyesight improved. It's like a miracle. Simply amazing
A neighbour has adopted a small muddy space outside my bedroom window and plans to create a little garden with her daughter. The little flowering plants in pots  have already brightened up the space.
My routine has changed to accommodate the needs of my aging parents and the requirements of post operative care.  
Cuttings of geraniums have sprouted new leaves on the stem and with each passing day are growing larger. The geraniums and spider plants are going to be a part of the big move my husband and I  are making next month when we go to live in the hills.
Enormous change is imminent, momentum is gathering.
These are just some of the changes I'm aware of, it's right there in my face but the wheels of change are forever turning imperceptible changes which will be noticed perhaps at a later date.
Change has taught me patience and made me more aware of how I use time. I've grown more sensitive to the needs and abilities of people who are aging. It's teaching me efficiency and to multi task better.
How do you see change? What has it taught you?

Have a good weekend.
If you're wondering if this blog has changed from being a fiber and embroidery blog to one that focuses on paper fear not change is at hand there's a fiber book and other fiber projects which are in the works and will be revealed in the coming weeks.      


Charlton Stitcher said...

I love these folded magazines ... What a wonderful thing to share with your mother.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Yes, I was happy to share the joy of folded pages with my mother it was an evening well spent.