Thursday, February 12


Senbazuru refers to sen - one thousand  tsuru - cranes.
I'm attempting to fold 1000 origami cranes this year.
My research has revealed I need to fold all one thousand myself and they can't be given away. 

First 100 of 1000. In Japan one can buy a senbazuru set which comes complete with paper, string and bead.  I'm putting a recycling angle to the challenge by using only paper flyers which I can get my hands on. 
An ancient Japanese legend promises a wish will be granted to the one who folds one thousand cranes. I'm hoping to fold a thousand cranes for a wish for someone very dear to me.

Keeping with tradition I'll be stringing 25 cranes on one length of string and the 40 strings of cranes will be hung  in a place  where the element will act on the paper cranes and as they fray and get tattered the wish shall be released.
The story of Sadako Sasaki has made the little origami crane a symbol of peace all over the world and  and I've read, that the Japanese space agency had the folding of a thousand cranes as a test for aspiring astronauts.

100 cranes folded and made, 900 to go. Would you like to learn to fold a paper crane? here's a link.


Els said...

Ahhhh good luck with the rest Maya ;-)

(my grandchildren love to make those too !)

Sharmon Davidson said...

Wow- I'm very impressed by your goal and the progress you've made so far. I hope we will get to see photos when they are are hung up. May your wish come true!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Els and Sharmon for the encouragement.
Yes, there will be photographs when the 1000 cranes are folded and hung.

Charlton Stitcher said...

These are beautiful - delicate and such a lovely shape. Maybe I will try one or two ... but not 1000!

Karen Thiessen said...

I love this!! You have such beautiful flyers where you live. I look forward to seeing your progress.

Morna Crites-Moore said...

Wow! I never knew any of this about paper cranes. I make little envelopes out of magazine covers and interesting photos from inside the magazine - catalogs, too. Now I will go visit your "how to" and learn how to make a paper crane. Thank you! :-)