Sunday, October 12

English Tamil Slang q to z

I've finished stitching the entire alphabet with sequins on paper.

Now to start assembling them into a book.
I was thinking of a flag book. Must work things out.
 In my last post about English Tamil Slang we'd got as far as p. Onward to q.

q - quarter cutting - phrase - 180 ml of any alcoholic beverage . The smallest quantity of bottled alcohol available for sale.

r - reel - comes from the era when movies came recorded on reels in Tamil slang it refers to an improbable story garnished with juicy bits and pieces to enhance the story.

s - scene -  to show-off, act pricey

t - tension party -  someone who gets annoyed easily or becomes tense easily.

Haven't found any gems for u, v, w, x, y and z still listening to Tamil conversations to find them.

Have a good week.

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