Friday, July 26

Looking for Roy G Biv 2 - Indigo

I could have taken a photograph of an indigo tie dyed shawl I have or an indigo resist dyed bedspread but that was not the point, I wanted to come across Indigo and snap it with my cellphone camera like I had with Roy G B.  

 So I couldn't be a part of the Roy G Biv hosted by Julie and Jennifer on the 18th of July.( the third Thursday of every month)
 Then yesterday I got onto a plane and looking out of the window and I saw the most glorious indigo sky. I could have snapped a lot more indigo because I flew Indigo airlines and all their branding is ... you guessed it indigo but that would have been way too cheesy.
 Above the monsoon clouds an indigo sky and an indigo wingtip.

Check out the indigos Charlton Stitcher, Kim, Fiona, Cindi, Lisa and Christine found.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Thread Born said...

We missed you! But beautiful photos of the indigo sky. Especially like the little wispy ones in the last photo. Looking forward to your violet.-Julie

Jennifer said...

What a glorious indigo sky! I could look at your photos all day - but doubt my little ones would allow it. Like Julie, I look forward to seeing your violets! Enjoy, Jennifer

Maya Sara Matthew said...

I'll be there next month with some violets. Looking for Roy G Biv has been a wonderful experience, throughly enjoyed myself thus far.