Tuesday, August 28


Its been two weeks since I last updated this blog.( That does sound like I'm at confession).
Its been a bit crazy since we started building a house in the hills and the craziness will continue for atleast the next 9 months I think.
Work schedules have got disrupted but I have managed to make seven CQ blocks by August, Whoohoo that's an achievement and it feels good.
The modem gave up and its taken four days for a replacement and right now blogger won't allow me to upload pictures! Anyone else facing this problem? Lets hope its not going to take another day or two before this post gets published.

The Crazy Quilt block for July.

The journal page for July. 
The monsoon has finally set in, it rains every evening and the weather is cooler.
The festival season in India is about to start.
Happy Onam to all those who celebrate.


Sujata Shah said...

I am so impressed with your journal keeping! Love your stitches. How large these blocks are ? You have managed to fit so many detailed 'stories' of your life in such little space. I love it!!!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Sujata,
The blocks are both 6inches x 6 inches.
I maintain a number of journals but this is my first stitched and embroidered one,6inches is small some months with so much having happened and other months it appears blank. July was an eventful month and with the festival season beginning now in India the coming months should be full too.
Thanks again.

Unknown said...

I love your work! it's not just cq block, but your history too! :)

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks Masha, yes it sure is a document of 2012 as I see it. Wonder how I'll view it in years to come and what other people who get to view it will think.