Thursday, April 12

CQJP March

March is spring in the garden city, all the trees burst into bloom. There's yellow, pink and violet of the jacaranda. So the colours and forms of flowers came to bloom on the crazy quilt part of my journal for March.  The printed patch is from my sister's shirt and I went out and got myself some floral laces, two of which I used and I've included the Barred Chain stitch and Running stitch which were two of the stitches in March for TAST.   
 That's a look at the CQJP and the journal half of the double spread for March.  
The journal page for March.
I spent a week with my parents so I could be there for my mum's birthday. Winning the Cleosara giveaway on An Indian Summer was exciting.
Great sense of achievement in being able to make super soft idlis. I was given this little steamer by a women's group in Kerala because I wanted to steam my natural dye experiments.From rice idlis I've moved on to Ragi idlis.
The first quarter of 2012 is over and I have three CQJP pages done so I've decided to start assembling the book.  Shall show you the progress in my next post.


Unknown said...

I love your work! so interesting! I love especially your Alternating barred chain stitches! fine! I couldn't use this stitch well :)

Numinosity said...

Soft idlis in the steamer, now you're flooding me with memories of my India trip!
Sweet stitchery, I feel as if i'm learning something about you when I see this piece.
xoxo Kim

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Masha.
Yes Kim there are snippets from my life that I'm putting into this journal, something significant every month of 2012 and you got to taste idlis on your trip to India.
Thanks for the comments.

jenclair said...

I love the way the alternating barred chain gives so much texture to the purple. And all of the journaling!

Inky Leaves said...

This is beautiful! I like the ink stamp on this one - nice addition. I also love the leaves. What do you do with all these? They deserve to be exhibited they are so beautiful, but I guess they are also very personal...

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks Jenclair, I too like what the alternating barred chain did to the plain purple fabric. I wanted to try and change the appearance of the plain fabric like I'd seen some others do in their CQ blocks.

Jessica all of these pages are being made into a fabric/fibre book - a journal of events in 2012.I'm hoping to exhibit some of my other fabric books later this year which I find most exciting.

Thanks for stopping to visit Jenclair and Jessica I value your comments.