Saturday, September 10

Pen & Ink

Here are the pen and ink sketches I've been working on.
The Woodlands Big Bungalow was built in 1830 or so.
There's a monkey puzzle tree in the garden which is so tall it can be spotted from Doddabetta in Ooty. It was raining when I went to sketch this particular bungalow so I sat in the back of the Scorpio with the radio on, R was reading his book and we were served tea there by the butler.
Engifer the family cat at the home of the Managing Director came to inspect my progress.
There's a stunning garden in front of the bungalow with a beautiful lily pond and weeping willows. Bison are frequent visitors and can be found sitting on the lawn chewing the cud early in the morning.
The Manar Bungalow
Elephants come to eat the Jackfruit when the tree at the back of the house bears fruit. There's a lot of wildlife on the Craigmore property. Bison can be seen grazing in the tea fields at all times of night and day, camera traps set up by WWF to map the flora and fauna on Craigmore have captured leopards and panthers. Tiger has been sighted but has not been captured on film.
The Halashana Bungalow
A large garden umbrella was found to protect me and the sketch from the unpredictable weather so I could continue my sketching unhindered for two or three hours at a stretch. Garden umbrella, folding chair and table became a part of the standard equipment which were loaded into the Scorpio every morning.
The Craigmore Tea Factory. R's first visit to a tea factory to see how Orthodox tea is manufactured.
I sat in the tea fields under a garden umbrella, listening to my ipod while sketching the factory. Inspite of the garden umbrella I got sun burnt.
Must say this has been the most luxurious assignment I've had to date.


pRiyA said...

Wow Emby! The places are absolutely fabulous and your drawings are amazing. Such intricate detail. To think I knew you for so long and never knew you could draw this well.
Engifer rocks. And butler serving you tea makes me go all green.

ps: Bet R was reading Tamilvanan's Tokyo Rose.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you dahling! The butler served us green tea.
Now I hope the watercolours will live up to the benchmark set by the pen and ink sketches. R was reading some conspiracy theory type novel and taking naps and calls.
Tamilvanan's Tokyo Rose sounds like fun - anything like Tamil Pulp Fiction?

cat in tassie said...

Your sketches are brilliant - you are very talented.

sewa elf said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Gwen Buchanan said...

oh wow gorgeous.. your assignment is a dream job and your work is stunning! it really tells a story of the architecture.