Thursday, June 23


It's turned cool and cloudy and everyday holds the promise of a thunder shower late in the evening and its found its way into Splash.
Splash is a small square cotton silk scarf the sort you knot at the neck or wear as a head scarf. Bleach helped create the splotchy effect and running stitch which covers almost the entire surface provides texture.
The process of creating Splash got me thinking. Getting up, getting dressed and showing up has been the mantra R and I have followed for the past year. Clouds promising rain gather on the horizon and then melt away..... like Splash which was not planned but evolved I'm hoping both our actions and choices are in preparation for the splash in our life which will be monumental. I just need the grace to live in the moment until then and I can't wait to look back and see the pattern and texture which we created which enriched us and got us to the next level.

As for the future, your task is not to predict it, but to enable it ........ Antoine de Saint- Exupery.

Discovering a little line like this is so inspiring. Which is the quote which inspires you?


Numinosity said...

I like your Splash, it has a real ikat feel to it to me.
I agree that 'showing up' is half the battle somedays.
xoxo Kim

ArtPropelled said...

This is a beautiful piece!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks Kim and Robyn.
I've not been regular with my posts but I think that's going to change. Keeping fingers crossed. (^.^)

Montse Llamas said...

I realized I read quotes that inspire me from time to time but never remember them. I always think of writing them and then forget. I have to change it...

I like the way you play with positive-negative spaces in this work.

Anonymous said...

I really like the way you link the embroidery with the world outside. The piece itself is quite fetching. I like the empty circles. My inspirational quote is from the puzzling composer John Cage: "Begin anywhere."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your work, which is lovely. My inspirational quote is "The Way is not in the sky. The Way is in the heart".

Sujata Shah said...

Hi Maya,

Just found your site through CQJP. Love your work. Looking forward to your next project.