Saturday, January 15

Winter Solstice 2010

The first finish of the new year - Winter Solstice 2010. A tea and rust dyed silk and cotton scarf embroidered with circles.
Unusual name wouldn't you say. It was around the time of the Winter Solstice in2010 that I dyed this piece of silk cotton and it reminded me of the appearance of the moon that night of the total lunar eclipse.
Circles embroidered with running stitch cover the surface of the scarf.
To add a hint of sparkle a single red sequin has been attached somewhere along the outer edge of of the small circles embroidered in red like the one at the lower right hand corner in the above image. Can you spot the sequin?
I need to figure out a way to show you how the scarf appears in its entirety and not just the details, will do that with the next couple of scarves which are going to be pashmina. Quite excited because its the first time I'll be working with this fibre. For now if you'd like to see this scarf or any of the others featured in the last couple of posts visit Plantation House at the Leela Galleria, Bangalore.


pRiyA said...

OMG and its pink too. pink and tea and that one little sequin placed at strategic intervals! i think i'm going to die with an overdose of joy.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

The pink is not so pink Priya, colour in photgraphs are a bit misleading.

Inky Leaves said...

Loving the warm colours on this gray dismal day in London. Beautiful :)

pumpernickel said...

looks quite yummy. Love the single little sequin trapped in there.