Monday, December 27

Its Complicated

Its Complicated is a long narrow scarf which started out white.
Two encounters with tea dyeing left half with a soft smudgy brown pattern the result of resist dyeing. Squares and rectangles in running stitch.

The white half is patterned with stripes in feather stitch and running stitch. . . . it is complicated.
A bit like the year that 2010 has been for me if this scarf has to be interpreted.
Now available at Plantation House.


Anonymous said...

I like the way you are able to see the whole scarf, and not just the two parts. My life, too, has been mixed this year. This is a good model for me.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Its quite amazing how unconciously what's happening in my life translates itself into my work and its only at times I see the reflection, must be more conscious and make the connections.
I hope 2011 is a fulfilling and fun filled year for you Caroline.

sabine said...

loved Blink! not sure how these halves fit together...?

Maya Sara Matthew said...

You got a point there Nickname, should have taken a pic of the entire scarf so one could see how one part transitions to the next.Maybe I'll get a pic when I visit the store next time if the scarf is still there - hope its not:) Difficult to explain in words.
Hope you're enjoying the holidays.

Johoanna Robson said...

It's a lovely scarf. My year has also been complicated...and incredibly trying. I'm hoping this year will be much easier. I'm sick of feeling like I'm trying to row upstream in a very small boat on a very big fast flowing river. Maybe I need to put the oars down and just go with the flow for the moment. Have a wonderful 2011.

sabine said...

sorry about not signing my name above, simply forgot......

happy new year, and happy creating and happy sales :-)