Monday, November 8

Meandering and Criss-Crossing

Travelling on projects and criss crossing Kerala, I've found time to stitch a million little stitches into two scarves I embroidered last month. I name my scarves and these two are Meander and Criss-Cross.
Meander - Open Chain Stitch.
The scarves usually have rolled edges but I decided to experiment with a raw edge.
Criss - Cross
Criss-cross is all about Blanket stitch,running stitch and sequins.
The raw edge finish has really caught my fancy.
Travel is on the cards again this month and the scarf I'm working on at present will go along.
A couple more million stitches the results will be there for you to see by the end of the month.

I'd like to thank the tribe of 170 followers of Million Little Stitches for their unwavering support of a blog where the posting has become quite chaotic but I hope that will change in the near future and I can go back to posting at least once a week.


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

However infrequently you post, it's always a joy to see your work. I think the raw edges are beautiful and really add to the overall effect. I like raw edges too. I love the little touch of sequins, very subtle and well measured. I admire your work very much and feel I can associate with what you're doing! Look forward to seeing what you create next :)

iNdi@na said...

having a travel piece to stitch on is utterly necessary i find

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful!!

Nickname unavailable said...

hello, i have been a secret admirer of your work for some time, love the daring simplicity of it and the lovely earthen colors and delicate textures....
last weekend i met an artist here in the Seattle area whose you work you may find interesting as well - she draws using the running stitch and her tones are muted.

glad you were able to help Priya organize a show at the plantation house - small world so it seems, but i was looking for interesting blogs by women of bangalore and found both of yours....

hope to see your new work soon!
sabine, near seattle, WA