Thursday, November 5

TAST Knotted Buttonhole Band

As I type its begun to rain, really pour yet the setting sun is still shining bright. How strange.
The unprecedented traffic on this blog because of the Take it Further Fiber book has proven to be good for my creativity and has spurred me on to plunge into fiber book making in a big way.

The TAST(take a stitch tuesday) embroidery samples of which the Knotted Buttonhole Band is the latest one to be completed are being made into a two volume set of embroidery samplers. Volume one has been sewn together and is waiting for its cover, volume two is in the process of being assembled as the samples are completed. So next week I plan to show you how I go about making my fiber books.

The second bit of news is that I'm participating in a fiber page swap with fourteen other participants to create a unique fiber book at the end of fourteen months. The Story of the Traveling Pages starts in January 2010 but it already has its own blog where you will get to see how the pages and books are created. This is the first time for me and needless to say I'm all charged up and excited, the theme for my book is leaves, by the way. Click here to read about the other participants and what their themes are.
Looks like I'll have to give BJP ( Bead Journal Project) 2010 a miss again this coming year or should I take the plunge and make a small little book with beaded pages the size of an ATC ?Need to give this some serious thought.

Have a great weekend, mine involves Goan food so R tells me.


ArtPropelled said...

Looking forward to seeing how you make your fiber books.

Jeanette Nord said...

Oh how I love Blogland! Hadn`t I been surfing around this land full of fun, great and inspiring blogs I wouldn`t have found yours. What absolutely gorgeous things you make. I just kept on reading and reading...very inspiring! Now I am off to Mish Mash to take a sneak peak there too ;-)

Thanks for charing!

I will be back!