Wednesday, August 19

TAST - Cast on Stitch

The Cast on Stitch was a new stitch for me. Its time consuming. With this stitch you need to remember less is more. Great stitch to add texture and dimension to ones work. Reminds me of a type of mushroom that grows on tree trunks.
I did a fair portion of this sample last night, while watching the stellar performance of Robert De Niro in What Just Happened.


pRiyA said...

you did all the stitches in the three posts last night? good heavens! such a creative outpouring!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

No my dear, just the cast on stitch sample.3 samples in one night would require me to be on some performance enhancing drug.

Anonymous said...

Embellisher, the above comment is so funny. I enjoyed the results of your work with the Cast on Stitch.I began these stitching challenges with the best of intentions,but thimble, needle and I fell by the wayside,only to watch and admire the passing parade of dedicated and talented others. I like visiting here to see what you've accomplished, including"You might also like...". And yes, I always do.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks Pam.It's tough going keeping up with Take a Stitch Tuesday but I'm glad I've hung in there.